1017 Pat Booker Rd. * Universal City * Texas 78148 * 210-566-3647
1017 Pat Booker Rd. * Universal City * Texas 78148  *  210-566-3647

Grooming & Styling

Customized care for you Dogs' Age, Breed & Lifestyle

Just like you, each Dog is unique. We'll tailor each grooming session to their specific needs and give them plenty of love and praise along the way!


For all Grooming Services, Dog Stars! Grooing & More will ...

Trim paw pads, Clean Ears, Flush Eyes, Evaluate Skin/Coat for issues and apply only the highest quality products for Shampoo/Conditioning specifically for the delicate PH of canines, Hydro-massage, Fluff Drying, Breed/Custom Styling, & Trim/File Toe nails.


Since every dog is different in their comfort & styling needs, we will give you a price range for the costs of your specific needs. When we have discussed together what you want for your pet, you'll know what to expect when paying for services. No surprises. Just great service and care.

Professional Styling

Dog Stars! Professional Stylists will bring out the superstar in your Dog. Short and Simple? Want Hand-scissoring for that Fluffy but tailored style? Need Hand-stripping? High style Fusion trims? We do it all!


"Just a Little Off The Top, Please"

Looking a bit scruffy, but don't need the works? Dog Stars! Grooming & More will neaten and tidy up your dog so they look their Saturday Night Best.

Stop The Hair Madness!

Hair Everywhere? Let us De-Fuzz your dog and help reduce all that shedding fur clinging to you and everything in your home. Our De-Fuzz service will remove all that dead coat and help the skin to breath, and is accompanied by our hydro-massage, bath and conditioning, nails filed and trimmed, ears cleaned. Your dog will come home looking and feeling it's absolute best!. 


Puppies, Puppies, Puppies

Start them off on the right paw .... First experiences can last for life. That's why we take our new puppies on their first grooming adventure!. We gently introduce them to the sights, smells, sounds and sensation of being pampered. And all along the way - Love and Cookies!


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Walk-in Toenails Welcomed!

Contact Us 210 566-DOGS (3647) 210 566-DOGS (3647)

Dog Stars!

Grooming & More

1017 Pat Booker Rd.,

Universal City, Texas 78148


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